Performance: The 5 Step Guide to Being German 2.0

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5 Steps to Being German Poster

Reviewed by Stevie Green

Edited by Danielle McGee

Performance: The 5 Step Guide to Being German 2.0 
Artist: Paco Erhard
Running Time: 60 minutes
Dates: 3-11th February, 2014
Genre: Comedy

Paco Erhard claims he can make you German, and while it is revealed early in the piece that there really can never be five packaged-up steps to follow if you would like to be German... if this is your biggest problem with the show, you're doing a pretty good job of being German already!

Walking on stage ten minutes late, it's straight into the jokes and pretty quickly two German stereotypes have been shattered. This sets the tone for a hilarious foray into the examination of not only German stereotypes and their confusion with the Bavarian, but also of Australian, English, American, Austrian, Spanish and Italian stereotypes. We learn what it is to be German, something you are almost ashamed to admit, considering the nation's complicated past, and he is certainly not shy of mentioning the war.

Erhard wastes no time bringing the audience into the show, and successfully helps us understand what it's like to feel guilty for things you have never done, and see that while order and efficiency may not necessarily be 'fun', they are much more desirable than the chaotic alternative. After all, a line is where reality ends, and order begins: I certainly thought twice before jaywalking across William Street again.

With every night sold out, two matinee performances have been added, plus every night 40 standing room tickets are available at the door for $25. If you get there early, chances of grabbing a seat up the back are still good, and in an intimate venue like Rosie O'Grady's, being at the back isn't a problem. Erhard is also performing his other show "Djerman unchained" (running from the 13th of Feb) with online tickets on sale now. Don't forget to check out everything else Fringe World has to offer, with 'The Pleasure Garden' right across the road - it's the perfect place to hang out before the show!