Music review: Barefaced Stories

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Cover of Barefaced Stories album

Review by Sarah Hartree

Edited by Crystal Abidin

Performance: Barefaced Stories
Artists: Varies
Running time: 2 hours
Date of release: Last Tuesday of each month
Language: English


No Stories from strangers?

Are you intrigued by the stories behind the people you pass on the street? If you are, head down to The Bird on William Street, Northbridge because Barefaced Stories is on.

There’s a theme, a bunch of random people you would never have known, and stories waiting to be told. There’s the musty red curtains, the harem pants, frangipanis in that girl’s hair, boys drinking wine and girls drinking beer.

The first show of 2013 hosted the theme ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. Willing participants share a truthful story about something that happened to them or to someone they know, in accordance with the theme, with the last round incorporating spontaneous (and voluntary) audience members getting up and sharing their stories, possibly inspired by those told earlier in the night.

That night I met Thomas, who travelled around South East Asia; Fiona, a passionate Labor supporter and advocate for Beyond Blue; a man whose teenage years consisted of pizza, coke, and definitely no women (his words, not mine) until the fateful moment he lost his virginity – with his dad witnessing the event through a small window in a Bali Bar (don’t ask).

There was also the drama teacher whose best efforts couldn’t save a bunch of enthusiastic kids’ performance of a battle between dinosaurs and ninjas, fittingly completed with costumes made out of Woolworth bags.

Then there was Mark, who taught me to be passive-aggressive at work, and dished out several tips to appear like you were completely absorbed with your heavy workload – when you actually, really, truly, were just slacking around… According to Mark, you have to be part French.

It’s definitely worth heading down to. The Bird comes alive on the nights Barefaced Stories runs. Drinks and food are available throughout the night. No one seems to know how Barefaced Stories came about, but I do know that there is a bunch of people willing to listen to your story.

The Bird is a live music venue in Northbridge, WA; a small cosy bar that hosts an array of performers, entertainers, and those who just want to drink, make friends, and make merry.