How My Blood Runs When I Love You

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by Deeksha Koul

Giddy and tender
by the ocean
we chased tides, made ablutions
by sacred fire
from beeswax candles
in glass jars, floating
between time under stars.

Empty ships
in the opiate night
we now pass one another
in this darkness,
in these depths
perhaps dreaming chances
we may again strike.

Somewhere love forgot us.
Left us without saying, so
I am folding inwards
to the heart of sobriety, gently,
for solitude is a delicate pleasure.

In this solitude
how my blood runs
wild rivers, pulsing
energy forward, filling
flesh in blooming
plumes of life.

Here I love you
in this silence.
Here I open
completely, blood currents
driving through, washing
my shores alive.

About the author

Deeksha Koul is studying a combined Law and Civil Engineering undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia. Each morning, she rises early, spends some time listening in the quiet, and writing what she hears.

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