Aurora Australis

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by Rosalind McFarlane

You find it just around the corner
glowing at the curvature of the earth.
I wonder if he saw it that night,
my friend, slipping in the shadows;
his car ablaze
the tyre-tracks bleeding out.
I wonder if the light came to him then,
all the night in ribbons and rivers:
veins strung up in the sky.

About the author

Rosalind McFarlane is currently a doctoral candidate with Monash University, having completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia.

She has a deep interest in water and depictions of place, leading to her current study of fluidity in Asian-Australian poetry. She has been a part of several publications, most notably Verge, Colloquy, Cordite, Pelican Student Newspaper and dotdotdash.

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