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Editors Special Edition: Trove x Words&Thoughts

  • Barbara Gemignani
  • Sarah Hartree
  • Jamiela Khan
  • Saskia Martinis
  • Kelsey Oldham
  • Louisa Wu

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  • Siobhan Hodge
  • Crystal Abidin

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Trove is an online interactive creative arts journal for, by and with students.

This edition of Trove themed 'Luminous Literature' is published in collaboration with Words&Thoughts - a post-graduate creative writing seminar series within the Faculty of Arts.

The members of the Words&Thoughts workshop applied their creative perspectives to offer a variety of work and illuminate their take on the theme “luminous flux”.


Special issue: Trove and Words&Thoughts published in May 2013

  1. Companion by Ruari Jack Hughes
  2. I see, therefore I believe by Vivienne Glance
  3. luminous mind by o.o. mehallerbmu
  4. So Where to Now by Keryn Clark
  5. Star Gazing by Gabrielle Everall
  6. The Infamy of Sappho by Gabrielle Everall
  7. there is something else going on by o.o. mehallerbmu
  8. Ultimate Stillness by Susan Taylor Suchy

In scientific terms, luminous flux is “energy”, specifically the rate of flow of light energy in all directions. The luminous flux is the part of the power which is perceived as light by the human eye. For example, a typical 100 watt incandescent bulb has a luminous flux of about 1700 lumen—but what happens when the highly sensitive inner eye that sees beyond the normal range is expressed through poetry?

Whether examining science or the arts, the spirit or the Earth, the writers in the group have taken this opportunity, each through his or her own unique creative process, to provide original poetry or prose as an offering of energy—an energy that illuminates in a way that a light bulb cannot.

Why does it matter what the poet sees when science is developing so much? In the question is the answer. With the speed of developments, with globalization, comes the dispersing and disintegration of all we know. We need a way to make sense of who we are, of what is happening to us. The poets bear witness to what is happening at levels we can’t always perceive with the ordinary senses, and this vision can help to connect us, to give us an understanding of our experiences for which we can’t always find the words.

The works have been developed in association with the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery exhibition LUMINOUSFLUX.

Exegesis by Susan Taylor Suchy.

Copyright will remain with the authors, and the material cannot be further republished without authorial permission. If any author does not wish their work to appear on Trove's website, please contact the steering committee immediately and your material will be withdrawn.