Tania Shah is an Arts student focusing on Anthropology and Archaeology, but with a passion for literature and writing. She tends to source inspiration for writing from nature and different cultures that she has experienced through travel.


by Tania Shah

A touch of frost to chill the core—
Let bygones be bygones
forevermore, the taste of ice
lingers in memory—
a vice, a pleasure-seeking soul-sucking
murder of the mind.

Aching respite in
bullets, glass shots
ring out across the sombre bar
frigid misery and guilt drowned
in the liquid warmth
of a rousing amber lover.

Snowflakes adorn crystal windows
like frost-encrusted skin
respite fades in trails of mist
as the dormant core shifts within
beyond the trapping ice.

Frosted by silent torture
hot shame threatens
the heart’s ice in its wake
destruction of a torpid soul
salty tears listless and stilled.

No movement but the
warm fog of breath over
pools of sloth. The still waters,
reflecting only cold clear cut eyes
frozen in time, in a memory from
before the frost.