Text and Kites


Elaine Kemp is a postgraduate student at The University of Western Australia. She has been active in the Perth arts community for two decades. She teaches, and primarily publishes under a pseudonym.

Kites by Elaine Kemp.

Kites by Elaine Kemp


A bag of misplaced words, a folder of wandering verbs, subjects and objects far from home.

The lesser known scorched vowels, the umlauts kept for cocktail wear, pearls that have yellowed with age and oils from being handled.

Some words look for homes, for sentences to settle down in. A good neighborhood, or at least one they can afford. Other words are drifters, verbs not able to commit to a tense, nouns never finding their collective.

Carrying their own baggage as spoken word, or stacked tightly into books in orderly rows, ideas wander around the world, like backpackers and business travellers in search of a beer. Hide them in SMS messages, fling them in emails, array them with CSS, mute the TV, sing the lyrics, and listen to the dream voices that only talk to eyelids.