that fundamental precision of broken bones


Vivienne’s first collection,The Softness of Water, was published in 2009 by Sunline Press. Her poetry has appeared in print journals and online.

She recently received the 2011 Matilda Award for Cultural Excellence and placed joint second in the 2011 Todhunter Literary Awards.

She is near to completing a PhD in Creative Writing at The University of Western Australia.

that fundamental precision of broken bones is taken from a collection of poems written in response to Perdita Phillips' photographs of the Athabasca Glacier in Canada. The art-text book will be published by Lethologica Press in February 2012.

Vivienne Glance


I imagine

I hear the rock's spine snap
the force of tons of years ripped a-


I imagine

complex bonds disrupt
molecules skip along this pat-


I imagine

they are delirious and satiated
provoked to new construct-



the finality of separation

holds this place with that fundamental
precision of broken b-