Apraadh Karna


Currently undertaking his honours year in English at UWA, Spencer Davis writes poetry when he should be writing his dissertation. This hasn't led to any academic detriment, yet...

Spencer Davis

She’s ripe tonight
sailing downstream
from the Uttara basin to Puri
cracked lips eye the prospect
of soiling the Raj’s gratifying mastications.

They weren’t ones to fight
the fumbling
up-skirt digits
or, our ataxic thirst
quenching surly dryness with full access
slipping fingers in flowing vessels.

It’s unfortunate
That when we felt the pulse flick
the devil made her start and blink.

Still, we’d drink nothing else
bathe in the heat of those
blushed thighs
indicative of esteem.

Eros reprieved

She’s ripe tonight
lay those supple fields upon us.
My name is Jagannatha, for we are unremitting
deliverance is here under my chariot’s thrust.

Chest to breast
beneath this progression of torrential piety
cast yourself.