A Compromise


Amy Coghlan is an undergraduate currently studying a BSc (marine biology and zoology) at UWA. Amy began studying a double degree (Arts/Science), but felt science was the best path for her to do her bit for what she admires (the natural world).

Amy also thinks poetry is an incredibly engaging way to make a point.

Amy Coghlan

A diamond must be cut
for it to capture light.
No man can see its beauty raw
or in the depths of night.

Art is that intangible
held within a frame.
That, not artificial
could never grant its name.

The glories nature governs
have no pilot of intent.
The path of a falling leaf
has no meaning meant.

Little need be altered
for such to turn to art.
Trap it in a gesture
give it something to impart.

Yet, light is but reflections
turned to image by one’s eye,
made from a single spectrum
wherein art and nature lie.