On Leaving the Star Ferry


Siobhan Hodge is a PhD student at UWA, looking at Sappho’s subversive heritage in women’s poetry, and divides her time between writing, studying, karate, and an obsession with horses.

Siobhan Hodge

Stepping off the ferry,
hand in hand we move,

Chinese blood and Chinese papers
semi-disabled, shared.

Kowloon rises up to us,
My school, old haunts, your ancestors.

When the tailorshop advertisers
crowd me in the street,

My glare is as impotent
as a horse who pins his ears,

Bit rolling under sour lip,
filed teeth staging a bite.

But they don’t stop you, love –
your face is impassive locality,

(Never mind the map protruding,
accusing, from your pocket)

Your look is all the rage,
A passport at my hip.