Language and Sediment: Subsets


Matthew Hall is a doctoral candidate at the University of Western Australia. His poetry, prose and criticism is featured in journals around the world.

Matthew Hall

for sjf

North East

flares of light
recede in absentia
day transcends all local knowledge
the woven architecture of ash and pine striations
ruins encoded in sky
reverse halation. crematorium.
the reliance of space
captured. uprooted. concealed.
the immanent stretches
of ambuscade light

North West

barely audible
pathway apprehensions
the white indifference.
suppliant bondage
spilling. staggering. arching communication
no provenance in stasis
words float through sere
elemental movements suspended
in the inchoate dim of snow.

South East

dawn intimacy
adumbrates the landform
the seduction of acuity
distances too limitless to name
the preservation of the compound
maligned sight
streaked with the efficacy of want
witnessing the equations of habitat
mute scenery of coercive colour
the augmentation of numbed hands
mime the history of indeclinable speech
the assemblage of sanctuary
erasure. translation.

South West

the acetate meditation of
water on granite
parallel, defaced, sublate
remote constructs of ghostly perceptions
the glacial depth of field
measured beneath tongues of shore
it’s getting late
the gestation of a more primitive verse
innumerable destinations. innumerable voices
the landscape locked in those words
beyond visible boundaries
presence. initiating.
understood in fragments