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Editors Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Bronwyn Aitken
  • Kristie Michelle Chiew
  • Alan Fyfe
  • Carol Hoggart
  • Rachael Hains-Wesson
  • Carol Ryles

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Trove is an online interactive creative arts journal for, by and with students.

Trove aims to:

  • support, nurture and provide on-going feedback to beginning, developing and emerging creative arts students in a university context
  • provide students with opportunities to present their work for an online publication.

Trove endeavours to provide students with an editing experience that resembles a professional industry environment and helps them to gain future employment.

Volume 1, Issue 1, published December 2010

  1. [short fiction submission removed on author's request]
  2. Purl a poem by Mathew Carter.
  3. 4.30 pm a poem by Ellie Clay.
  4. Temptations of the Vine a poem by Gabrielle Everall.
  5. Nothing more Than a poem by Brigitte Freese.
  6. A Certain Thought a poem by Vivienne Glance.
  7. a still life in red a poem by Matthew Hall.
  8. Language and Sediment: Subsets a poem by Matthew Hall.
  9. Four and… Counting short fiction by Ashleigh Hardcastle.
  10. Clowns and Robbers a ten-minute play by James Heneghan.
  11. On Leaving the Star Ferry a poem by Siobhan Hodge.
  12. Impressions short fiction by Noni May.
  13. Stutterer short fiction by Richard Moore.
  14. United a poem by Raymond Wells.

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