Editoral Committee

  • Barbara Gemignani
  • Sarah Hartree
  • Jamiela Khan
  • Saskia Martinis
  • Kelsey Oldham
  • Louisa Wu
  • Siobhan Hodge
  • Crystal Abidin

Trove provides opportunities to showcase interesting and alternative trans-mediated artworks.  

  1. 60 seconds (Chloe) by Melanie Beresford
  2. Forest of the inside by Melanie Beresford
  3. Untitled by Manel Kataieh
  4. Surveillance by Manel Kataieh
  5. Touch by Carissa Abidin



We are always looking for creative multimedia artworks to be viewed by a wider audience. If you are a student artist or group that specialises in multimedia we encourage you to send your submissions to Trove.  Or if you’re a university tutor or unit coordinator, contact our editing team to create opportunities for student assessments to be published.

Copyright will remain with the authors, and the material cannot be further republished without authorial permission. If any author does not wish their work to appear on Trove's website, please contact the steering committee immediately and your material will be withdrawn.