Volume 5, Issue 1

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Editors Volume 5 (1)

  • Danielle McGee
  • Claire Shearwood
  • Jamiela Khan
  • Matt Norman
  • Kate Prendergast
  • Lydia Lim
  • Louisa Wu
  • Kim Lateef

The opinions expressed in Trove are those of individual contributors and not those of the editoral committee or the steering committee (as editorial advisers) or UWA.

Trove is an online interactive creative arts journal for, by and with students.

Trove aims to:

  • support, nurture and provide on-going feedback to beginning, developing and emerging creative arts students in a university context.
  • provide students with opportunities to present their work for an online publication.

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Volume 5, Issue 1




Copyright will remain with the authors, and the material cannot be further republished without authorial permission. If any author does not wish their work to appear on Trove's website, please contact the steering committee immediately and your material will be withdrawn.