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Editorial Team: Trove x UWA Centenary

  • Barbara Gemignani
  • Isabella Depiazzi
  • Jamiela Khan
  • Louisa Wu

Project Officers

  • Siobhan Hodge
  • Crystal Abidin

The opinions expressed in Trove are those of individual contributors and not those of the editoral committee or the steering committee (as editorial advisers) or UWA.

Trove is an online interactive creative arts journal for, by and with students.

The current edition is special edition to celebrate UWA's Centenary. This special edition was first published on print and made available online.

Past Issues are archived online. 

Current - Special Issue: Trove x UWA Centenary published in November 2013

Cover of Trove Centenary Edition

This Special Issue of Trove is a curation of articles written by our editorial team to memorialise UWA’s 100 years through the beauty of text. It features tales and memories that our editors have devotedly traced and captured.

While originally established in 1996 as a hard copy journal for creative writing students at the University of Western Australia, Trove has evolved into an international online creative arts project. In its digital incarnation since 2010, Trove is now facilitated by postgraduate Project Officers and a small team of undergraduate Student Editors.

We mentor Student Editors in editorial work and the publishing industry, and publish internationally solicited works in running issues, ongoing reviews, and a digital poetry initiative. Trove is an open-access journal proudly supported by The Cultural Precinct and The School of Humanities.

As a primary focus Trove aims to provide our Student Editors with a teaching and learning experience that resembles a professional publishing industry environment to assist with future employment opportunities. Trove also endeavours to support, nurture, and provide on-going feedback to beginning, developing, and emerging students within the creative arts in a university context.

Finally, Trove aspires to provide students worldwide with opportunities to present their work for open-access publication.

Thank you for picking up this Special Issue and joining us as we celebrate UWA’s centenary in stories that capture our heritage, our memories, and our hopes for the future. 

Crystal Abidin
Special Issue: Trove x UWA Centenary

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  • Coleridge & Coffee: An interview with UWA Graduate Lilian Dyke by Isabella Depiazzi
  • Forty-three (And counting...) by Jamiela Khan
  • Sue Boyd: Returns by Jamiela Khan
  • A home away from home: Capturing University life in the 70s by Louisa Wu
  • 0215-0745hrs by Crystal Abidin
  • Connections at UWA by Siobhan Hodge
  • Ace Memorial Bench by Isabella Depiazzi
  • Who are you sitting "on"? by Barbara Gemignani
  • The many generations at UWA by Barbara Gemignani
  • Drama on campus: An inside look into the University Dramatic Society by Louisa Wu
  • Macca, the celebrity pig by Crystal Abidin
  • hailstorm - 22nd March 2010 by Siobhan Hodge

Copyright will remain with the authors, and the material cannot be further republished without authorial permission. If any author does not wish their work to appear on Trove's website, please contact the steering committee immediately and your material will be withdrawn.