The Dreamer


Matt Norman is a political science and Philosophy student at The University of Western Australia looking at a career in creative writing and political journalism.

He has been writing poetry for five years and has been published in Voiceworks magazine.


by Matt Norman

Each morning you wake from the dream
but will not admit it;
you were told your real name
and offered pain,
lungs shudder, eyes thirst insatiably
for some scrap of light
to convince you of waking.

It follows you,
thrown against the flimsy doorframe,
down the hallway and against the wall;
this house is lying to you.
If it could eat you alive
against a wall like that, you’d feel it.

Thoughts scrawled in blood down that wall,
all you wanted to remember
won’t stick, keeps on sliding
to the floor -
a feeling is not a word,
drowning is not like this.

You’ll make it back there, after all
the corners are cut
and the house has eaten itself,
you want to open your eyes
as though you’d lived in monochrome.
Surface now to the sky,
suffering technicolour wounds
under your skin.