Dig Deep 2


Matthew Goss: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but I moved to Australia at the start of 2012 to study Neuroscience and Marketing at UWA. Despite this, art has always been, and will continue to be, a passion of mine. 


Dig Deep 2 by Matthew Goss 

Dig Deep 2 

by Matthew Goss

This piece is inspired by the cornerstone of Western Australian society, the mining industry, and relates exploration of the geography to exploration of the self. Understanding what lies at ever-greater depths of the consciousness of humanity and of the individual, is key to transcending boundaries between cultures, religions and ethnicity. In my opinion, the struggle to end conflict based on cultural ignorance is the greatest challenge the world faces in the 21st century, for unlike the search for clean energy, or fresh water, this battle is fought entirely on the level of the individual and takes place in the mind rather than any physical arena.

Dig Deep uses a variety of media including newspaper, tissue, acrylic, glue, dye, charcoal, graphite, bleach, soap and gouache to emphasize the variety within society and hopefully shows how dynamic harmony can be achieved by seemingly incompatible elements.