Cow, bell


Australian artist, David Langley, was born in Sydney city and nurtured on the muddy banks of Georges River. At the impressionable age of 5 he, along with his immediate family, moved to San Diego, California.

He has studied studio art at Seattle University, modernism at Cite Universitaire, Graphic and Marketing Arts at CATC, Urban Design at Donghua University, and Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design at COFA and UNSW.

Cow, bell by David Langley

Cow, bell

by David Langley

The interaction of the "canvas"(wooden plank or box) and the image was important to me in this series. I produced the images through the use of photography and photo editing programs before using an array of chemicals to transfer the images from print into the wood grain surface. I then sanded down parts of the image to expose and blend the wood grain and rings with the transferred images. 

I wanted to work with different types of wood, old and new, pale and brown, grainy and smooth. That involved reclaiming some planks and buying some boxes. “Slow Speed Home” was printed onto a simple wooden keepsake box for personal treasures, or perhaps just miscellaneous items, that I found at a secondhand store on Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. As a result, “Slow Speed Home” includes a brass fastening clip at the top of the artwork. 

The artwork for "Cow, bell" was inspired by a photograph I had taken of a cow. Before I headed to my residency, I was mountaineering around Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps. It was summer in Europe and one mountain I was ascending was freckled with cows. They all were collared with large bells, the sound of which echoed around the Alps. The sound becomes part of the landscape and I loved how their bells were calling to one other and the cattle herders. I also liked how these animals, mostly known for being big and slow, were so well adapted to the difficult terrain and altitude.