Editorial committee

We encourage students to become a part of the editorial team to gain ‘hands-on’ experience, similar to what an editing team would undertake in a professional environment.

The editing team consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students who are supervised by the steering committee, within the School of Humanities and The Cultural Precinct.

We are always looking for creative arts undergraduate students to join the dynamic editorial team. If you are a current UWA student who is interested in performance, creative writing, visual arts, multimedia and/or music, and you would like to become involved in the editorial process, contact us for more information.

The editorial committee

Jamiela Khan

Jamiela was born in South Africa. Interested in language, linguistics and literature, she has studied five languages to varying degrees. Also passionate about psychology and working with children, she studied a combination of these at the University of Cape Town, and is now returning to tertiary study in Psychology at UWA. Accused by a close friend of being a “pedantic martinet” and finding herself unable to refute the allegation, she has come to embrace it as an asset, but saves the impromptu language lessons for very close friends. That said, she is always interested in something new to learn and has a lengthy list of educational and travel goals yet to pursue. And a reading list that grows considerably faster than she reads. In the very little spare time she has, she is always reading a novel or two, writing yet another unfinished story or two, watching documentaries and foreign films, and spending time with friends.

Kelsey Oldham

Kelsey escaped to the bustling metropolis of Perth from the small south-coast town of Albany to start her new life as a uni student. Now in her third year at UWA, she is studying English and anatomy and human biology. When she isn’t attending 90’s nostalgia music gigs (i.e. AQUA) or competing in Harry Potter quiz nights, she loves to watch films, read books and listen to punk rock. By joining the editing team at Trove, Kelsey is hoping to learn more about publishing and editing, industries which she is hoping to one day get into. She hopes to survive her Arts/Science degree, travel, marry Ryan Gosling and maybe accumulate enough money to be able to stop working at Civic Video.

Louisa Wu

With a particular interest in literary studies and the media Louisa decided to pursue a combined Arts (Communication Studies)/Commerce degree at UWA.  Louisa has always surrounded herself with stories. She usually spends her time reading on public transport, watching as many films as possible and occasionally attending theatre productions. As an avid reader and occasional writer of fiction she has developed an interest in learning about the processes involved in sharing stories with others. By joining Trove she hopes to gain an insight into the editing and publishing industry. In the future she hopes to pursue a career that involves the arts, travel around Europe and finally finish reading Anna Karenina.

Sarah Hartree

Sarah has always done a bit of moving around, whether from Holland to Dubai or Dubai to Perth, or from wanting to be an optometrist to being a skyscraper designer to an editor - except she’s been stuck on the editing idea ever since. After a brief and painful stint in Architecture, a dabble in the sciences, Sarah finally found her place in the throes of university - majoring in English. She then stumbled upon her love for creative writing, something she had never really done before. Editing for Trove is giving her an inside look at the industry she desperately wants to be a part of, as she plans to continue on to a Masters in Editing and Publishing in Melbourne after she completes her Bachelor of Arts.

Saskia Martinis

Saskia is currently an Arts (Communications)/Commerce student who has joined Trove to find her inspiration for a career, and to learn about the wide world of editing and publishing. Her interests have been developed thanks to the exploration of the World Wide Web, from looking at various fashion blogs to listening to music on YouTube. Thanks to plenty of travelling all over the world, her view of the world and its operations is constantly growing.

Former members

  • Alan Fyfe
  • Barbara Gemignani
  • Berakah Ho
  • Bronwyn Aitken
  • Carol Hoggart
  • Cate Leedman
  • Isabella Depiazzi
  • Jen Perry
  • Kelsey Oldham
  • Kristie Michelle Chiew
  • Lachlan Keeley
  • Minh Ngo
  • Steve Barrett
  • Will Langa