Artist/ Author

Manel Kataieh is a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of NSW (UNSW). She is majoring in Painting and Drawing and has also previously studied multiple courses such as Fashion Design and Diploma of Fine Arts at TAFE NSW where she has exhibited her works at the Penrith Region.

Her works are usually both Traditional and contemporary art paintings and drawings.



Multimedia artwork titled

Untitled, Manel Kataieh


by Manel Kataieh

For "Untitled", my mother was my inspiration. I see her as a strong independent woman who has been through hardships that allowed her to become the wonderful woman that she is. The woman shown in the painting is not my mother, for she was never comfortable being in pictures, so I found a model around the same age as her.

I have always admired the works of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain during the fauvism period. They used a lot of beautiful rich exotic colours then, so I aimed to incorporate this style into my paintings.

The use of different textures and shades on the cheeks, clothing and the curtain aim to intrigue the viewer to ponder upon the complexities of the woman’s history. The eyes draw the most attention so that the viewer instantly looks into them, as if looking through a window. I hope that the eyes will become the object of curiosity for the viewer to decipher the woman’s story.