Forest of the inside

Artist/ Author

Melanie Beresford is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist based in Sydney. Her projects deal with the various aspects of human frailty including vulnerability and loss.

Since 2007, she has exhibited in over 40 shows and is currently undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts Research degree at COFA, UNSW.


Multimedia artwork titled

Forest of the inside

Forest of the inside

by Melanie Beresford

Human hair was employed as a metaphor for the breakdown of human relationships The continual growth and severing of our hair represents the often destructive cycle of emotional ties. Just as hair is constantly growing and being cut, relationships are perpetually evolving or decaying.

The seductive quality of human hair on the head is counterbalanced with the repulsiveness of cut hair, particularly a stranger’s. This visceral reaction, achieved by using such an intimately human medium, emphasizes the experience of emotional dissonance at various stages of a relationship . This repulsion is subverted by employing the aesthetic appeal of nature.

Made entirely of human hair and wire, this installation of 40 bonsai-like sculptures hangs at various heights, inviting the audience to walk amongst them and inspect them from different angles.