60 seconds (Chloe)

Artist/ Author

Melanie Beresford is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist based in Sydney. Her projects deal with the various aspects of human frailty including vulnerability and loss.

Since 2007, she has exhibited in over 40 shows and is currently undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts Research degree at COFA, UNSW.


Multimedia artwork entitled 60 seconds (Chloe)

60 seconds (Chloe)

60 seconds (Chloe)

by Melanie Beresford

Finding security and losing it often goes hand in hand. In response to this, we find ways to protect ourselves from loss but in reality, loss is a part of life.

In attempting to demonstrate what it is that brings people a sense of security in life, I asked a number of friends and strangers what they would rescue in 60 seconds if their homes were burning down. Chloe would rescue her teddy bear Arthur.

Drawing her with pencil on paper, I then cut Arthur out and burnt around him with a match, in order to emphasize the loss that occurs when a fire ravages.

As we all know, fires occur when we least expect them and very often, we are unable to salvage what we would like to.